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Maximizing Space: Tips for Efficiently Packing Your Self-Storage Unit

Maximize Beeville Self Storage Units

Maximize Beeville Self Storage Units

Finding a place to store extra items can be a real hassle. Conveniently located Beeville self storage units can provide an easy solution for people who need a secure, climate-controlled area to store their treasured belongings. However, if you are not careful it is easy to end up with a crammed unit that is packed with a jumbled mess. Here are some tips to help you maximize the space in your storage unit and make the most of your rented area.


Take a cue from Tetris

When loading up your unit space out the items to create a secure, balanced structure that maximizes every inch of available area. When possible, stack smaller items on top of bigger objects to create vertical storage and wrap fragile pieces in pads or blankets. Cardboard boxes are also excellent for stacking, just make sure to clearly label them and keep any weight evenly distributed.


Start from inside out

Back your largest or most valuable items against the walls of your unit and work your way inwards. Place a tarp or plastic cover on the floor to protect the items from moisture or dust. Using the largest items as cornerstones creates stability and helps keep everything else in place. It will also make it much easier to access your things if you need them.


Box it up

Once you have filled in each corner, it is time to fill in the gaps. Empty one box at a time and place items in a neat and tidy fashion. Any space left over can be filled with items like pillows, linens and any other flexible items that can be squished into the remaining area.

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